"JAKE" - "From State Farm"

What type of bike do you ride and how many years have you been riding?  I have a 2009 HD Dyna Fatbob (pearl black) and a 2020 HD Ultra Limited (denim black and silver). I have been riding since 2009.

How many bikes have you had and what kinds? Those are the only two street bikes that I have owned.  I owned an 80cc Suzuki dirt bike (orange) when I was a kid (mowed a lot of grass to buy that bike).  The muffler fell off after a big jump one day and I hammered on a straight pipe in its place.....it was really loud!

How did you get your nickname?  I have gone by Jake in various groups of friends all my life....wife works for State Farm Insurance Company.......Jake (from) State Farm.

How many years have you been a Roughrider?  0.003 years

What do you enjoy the most about being a Roughrider?  Great group of guys (and gals) to ride with.......relaxed and safe riding. I love the story's at the "last stop" of the day/trip.

Who was your Roughrider sponsor and how did you meet?  I was introduced to the Roughriders by Shotgun, who I got to know through the NDOT golf league.   I was introduced to both of my sponsors, IPOD before my COVID 19 prospecting break and Ditch after my return, through riding along with the group for several months prior to becoming an official prospect.

Besides riding motorcycles, what other hobbies do you have?  

I enjoy (most of the time) playing bad golf, both upland bird and waterfowl hunting, and kayak fishing (although the catching part has been somewhat less than successful so far).

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