What type of bike do you ride and how many years have you been riding?

2014 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic.  I got my first bike at age 16 in 1982.


How many bikes have you had and what kinds?

I've ownes (that I can remember) Honda 550, Yamaha 650, Kawasaki LDT 1000, Goldwing 1500, Goldwing 1800 and 3 Harleys - 2 Heritage Softails and my Ultra.


How did you get your nickname?

I teach concealed carry classes and someone in the Shrine tagged me with that name.  As nicknames go, if you hear one you like, you famn sure beter get a name tag ASAP!!  OR, you end up with something like a crayon or snowflake or even worse Sticky Honeybuns..  WOW!!


How many years have you been a Roughrider?

Since about 2013.  I was briefly a RR in 2001 (about 1 month) you didn't need to prospect then.  I guess I bought a shirt and helped out a bit.  The group was much different back then and it wasn't for me.


What do you enjoy the most about being a Roughrider?

I love helping out the community and being involved with our donations.  However, it is the friendships... these guys started out as just some people to ride with, becoming buddys and now my best friends and family.


Who was your Roughrider sponsor and how did you meet?

Radar love.  We are both Shriners and he didn't hava a prospect.  Mav was the first one I talked with about joining.  I had done a Roughrider concealed carry course in 2012 that Mav sponsored.  I am glad it all worked out!


Besides riding motorcycles, what other hobbies do you have?

Teaching CHP classes but mostly spending time with my girls and their activities.

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