This page is dedicated to telling the stories of the families and organizations that we have worrked to help.  If after reading their stories, you are compelled to help us help members of our community, please visit our GoFundMe page on Facebook or contact us.  We would really appreciate your suppport.










Several of the Roughriders attended the annual fundraiser and banquet for Make-A-Wish.  We are proud to participate in raising funds and donating to such a outstanding organization.


On 3/16/2019 The Roughriders attended the Buddy Walk.  We also donated money to this wonderful cause.

The Buddy Walk® was established in 1995 by the National Down Syndrome Society to celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Month in October and to promote acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome.

On 3/31/2019, The Roughriders attended the Leif Warriors Fundraiser!  Lori Leif, was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer that metastasized to her liver at the age of 55.  Due to many problems cause by this medical diagnosis, Lori is also hurting financially.  The Roughriders decided to make a monetary donation to help this wonderful lady.

The  Roughriders showed up for the 2019 5K Blue Run for Autism begining at the Railyard in Lincoln, NE.  Many of the participants were excited to interact with us and have their pictures taken with us and with our bikes.


We were alo pleased to present the Autism Family Network with a donation to assist them with their work.

On 12/8/2018, the Roughriders participated in The Blaze 104.1 radio stations annual Kampout for Kids fundraising event.  We donated funds to support this cause.  In addition, some of our members participated in a silent acution to raise even more money for this worthwhile cause.

While this was not a monetary donation, it was a donation of time to make sure that all of our fallen military heros are remembers.  The Roughriders met at Wyuka Cemetery on 12/15/2018 for the annual Wreath Across America event.  We assisted in placing wreaths on every Military Veteran's headstone and spoke the name of each Veteran aloud so that they are never forgotten.

Pictured here with the Roughriders on 12/16/2018 is Daniel and his family.  Daniel is a US Army Veteran that is battling carinoid cancer, located in the intestines.  He had endured 3 surgeries and tremendous medical bills.  The Roughriders are very happy to help this family with a monetary donation and even a bicycle and helmet for his son.

On 12/16/2018, the Roughriders met Kelly and her son DJ.  DJ was born on 11/9, 2017 with a two very rare medical conditions that requires a great deal of medical care.  Kelly was forced to quit her job to become a full time caregiver/nurse.  The decreased income and medical expenses has put a financial strain on this family.  The Roughriders were able to make a donation to this family.

This is Autum and her son. He suffers from Plagiocephaly and Brachycephay which are diseases that effect the shape of his skull.  He needed a theraputic helmet to protect his head.  The Roughriders stepped up with a donation on 12/18/2018.

On 12/18/2018 the Roughriders showed up to help this family who lost everything they owned in a house fire.  The dad shown in this picture is a disabled Veteran.  We are very grateful that we were able to help this family with a donation!

On a very cold evening on 1/29/2019 The Roughriders showed up to help this wonderful lady with a donation.  

The Roughriders donated funds to help the Micha Vech family.

This little boy actually died and his dad performed CPR.

The Roughriders took a little trip to visit the most precious young lady!  We had the honor of representing Emily with the Roughriders Rough Start Award.  You should have seen her face when 24 big and loud Harley Davidson motorcycles rolled into their driveway.  Emily smiled and sang us a Garth Brooks song and had all of ous "big tough bikers" in tears.  What a great donation this was!

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On 09/24/2018 the Roughriders participated in the Bella Poker Run and Fundraiser.

Bella, a wonderful young lady was in need of a wheelchair accessible van.  13 year old Bella has Osteogenesis Imperfecta OI causes her bons to break with little or no trauma.  Bella quit counting fractures at 50 over 10 years ago.

We are thrilled that we were able to make a donation to help Bella!

On 10/14/2018 the Roughriders rode to the Garage for the Garage Army of Angles Fundraiser.

While we were there, many of our members purchased items during the silent auction PLUS the Roughriders made a significant donation.

11/28/2018 the Roughriders attended and donated to the Team Dax Fundraiser at Jonesy's Taco House in Carter Lake, IA.

Drew and Laura Devuhr's son, Dax had a harder start in life than most being on a ventilator and staying weeks in NICU.  More medical battles are ahead as Dax was diagnosed with Choreoathetoid Cerebal Palsy.

We are very pleased to have donated to a great family.

While in Hickman at the Bruce Messenger donation, we met Keely Rapp a very talented artist who uses her talent to raise funds for quite a few other people including Bruce.  What a talented little girl with a HUGE heart!  Thank you Keely!

On 11/12/2018, the Roughriders rode to Hickman to meet Bruce Messenger.  Bruce has been a Volunteer for the Hickman Fire Department for over 42 years and now is suffering from cancer.  We are thrilled to have donated to assist this fellow biker with a donation!

On 12/6/2018, the Roughriders met Michelle and her son Seth.  Seth is in need of ongoing medical care and treatment for a rare condition.  We are very pleased that we were able to help Michelle make it a special Christmas for Seth!

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