What type of bike do you ride and how many years have you been riding?

I currently ride a 2014 Ultra Classic Limited.  I began riding a mini bike at 6 so I've been riding over 45 years.


How many bikes have you had and what kinds?

1975 Honda 60, 1980 Honda 250 dirt bike, 2002 Heritage Classic and a 2010 Ultra Classic Limted


How did you get your nickname?

The members say it's because I am cooler than the rest.  Actually it's a result of a little too much fun at a Roughrider trip out of state where I ended up sleeing with my beer cooler.  A VERY proud moment!


How many years have you been a Roughrider?

I became a Roughrider in 2017.


What do you enjoy the most about being a Roughrider?

The riding and the friendships!  The group is very diverse but we have a common goal to benefit the community.  There is a high level of camaraderie and unity within the group.  Beyone that the group is a lot of fun!


Who was your Roughrider sponsor and how did you meet?

Dean/Beef was my sponsor.  We met 10 years ago when I was organizing a fundraiser/poker run following the passing of That Hellbusch (A Roughrider) in Belgrade, NE.


Besides riding motorcycles, what other hobbies do you have?

I enjoy Husker football, traveling, live music/concert, spending time with my daughters and working.

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