On Saturday, July 10th 2021 the Roughriders attended a Cancer Benefit Pancake Feed for Jerry Carlson.


Jerry has spent most of his life giving back to his community.  He has served in law enforcement for 40 years and is currently a Saunders County Deputy.  Jerry was previously a Nebraska State Trooper.  He served in the United States Marine Corps as a Military Police Officer.

Jerry has had many titles but his favorites are Grandpa to his 5 grandchildren and Husband to his Pife Pat of 44 years.

We are very appreciative of his service and are pleased to make a donation to this great man.


Shellie, pictured to the left, is a cousin to Jerry.  Shellie and her husband Rocky were instrumental in bringing this donation to completion.

On Saturday, 10/01/2021 We met Jaron and Mindy Bailey and their sons.


They have been through many health problems over the last year but then their home caught fire and was destroyed.


This family of 4 are now living in a family member's home.


The boys got to pick out a bike to sit on.

They chose Ipad's bike and had a gret time!


We are very happy to donate to this family!


TWe are thankful to our Sponsors for their help in supporting these events.

On Friday July 23rd, 2021 The roughriders donated back packs full of back to school supplies to the Salvation Army.

One of our member's grandchildren assisted us with this much appreciated work.

Thank you ladies!

On Sunday July 25th, 2021 the Roughriders participated in the poker run/fundraiser for the Gentry Family.

Branden lost his wife and these children lost their mother.

We are very happy to have made a donation to this family!

Since 1992, 104-1 The Blaze Has Assisted In Helping To Raise Monetary Funds And Toys For Kids/Families In Lincoln & Surrounding Areas.  With YOUR Support (The Blaze Army) We Can Continue To Help Families This Year!

The Roughriders are pleased to once again, donate to this cause.




The Roughriders met Emily Koesters and her family.  Emily sufferes from SIOD.  She is one of 10 people in the US that have been diagnosed with this condition.


We have donated to this family in the past and are please to assist them again this year.





While with them, we have also made a donation to their Foundation.  It is called the Little Giants Foundation.  Please visit this web site to learn more about this very rare condition.  


On Sunday, November 21st


The Roughriders suprised Dale Quakenbush with a suprise visit.

Dale is a long time member of the motorcycle community who has recently been diagnosed with cancer.  His medical bills are astounding.

We were able to make a donation to Dale.

Chewie, one of our members has known Dale for a long time and was able to make the donation presentation.

Also on Sunday, November 21st,  We visited Ashley Marchand.

In the last three months, the 31-year-old single mom has had three life-altering episodes: two separate traffic crashes and a 10-day quarantine period after her 9-year-old daughter, Haylee Murdock, tested positive for COVID-19.

The series of misfortunes have left the 2008 Waverly High School graduate with two totaled cars, injuries that prevent her from working, mounting medical bills, no sources of income and a pending eviction notice.


Shotgun, our President presented a donation to Ashley.

Monday, 11/07/2021

The Roughriders attended the Celebration of Life of Randy "Stache" Turner.


We lost a brother way too soon!


While attending this event, we met with Tammy, Stache's wife and with the members of BACA.  BACA is Bikers Against Child Abuse.

We have great respect for BACA and have made a donation to their cause in Staches memory and honor.

On 08/29/2021 The Roughriders attended a fundraiser for the Lincoln Autism Network.  We are very pleased to have made a donation to this great cause.


On the same day and at the same place, we friends and family of Donald Went Jr.  Also known as D.J. Went.

In September if 202 DJ was diagnosed with cancer and has been unable to work.

DJ serviced in the U.S. Marine Corps and was working for a small employer.  His employer has no continuing benefits for DJ.

We are happy to have donated to DJ.

On Sunday 11/07/2021 the Roughriders met James and Viola Decker and their family.


The Deckers lost their home as a result of a fire.  they lost everything that they owned.


It was a pleasure to be able to make a donation to assist them in rebuilding their lives.


Carissa Anderson is a single mom of Scarlett 14 and Sunday 10. She is a small business owner in Lincoln, NE. The pandemic has not been kind to her or her business. She works long hours trying to run her family owned business and has started an additional on-line business to try and increase her income. Her oldest daughter at home is a freshman at Lincoln High and is an amazing, talented young lady. She is extremely smart and loves to read. She played on the JV volleyball team. Traveling to her away volleyball games was difficult while trying to keep her local business afloat and work to start up her online business. Sunday Rose is a 5th grader at Randolph Elementary. She is a quiet, shy, often scared little angel. She has endured a lot for a 10 year old. Carissa has reached out to the government for assistance through the Covid-19 funds, but has not received any assistance.

The Roughriders met with Carissa and her family on Saturday 12/18/2021 and were able to make a donation.

Sarah is a single mom raising twins. She struggles to make ends meet, including rent, food, utilities. She has been attending Bryan
School of Nursing for the past few years in an effort to improve her situation. She has struggled with her studies and more than once
thought she might not make it through school. She also has worked the entire on a part time basis at Once Upon a Child. The father of the children rarely makes child support, but at least tries to see the children once a week.

We are are pleased that we were able to make a donation to this family

Kenda is currently in school full time at
southeast community college and raising 3 kids. She has no help from the older two children’s fathers but you will never hear her
complain. She is constantly putting the children above herself. She just bought a car that ended up needing a lot of work and drained
her savings that she was going to use for Christmas for the kids. Kenda is stressed about not being able to provide them with a
Christmas because of the bills she has to pay. The oldest needs winter clothes badly as all 3 kids also grew out of their clothes at the
same time.

We are happy to have made a donation to this family.

Alex has overcome a drug habit, is in recovery, living in a house with 4 kids and holding down a job. She is also a super single mom. Her story is a testament to her strength, her inner beauty, and her commitment to make the world a different experience for her children. If we needed examples of a personal journey to overcome hardships and emotional trauma, Alex is it. It is as great of a human story you can find, one that leads from happiness to immense grief through periods of deep darkness to one of light. Imagine how much joy a selection for Magical Moments can bring to such a wonderful family. Alex has never asked for anything. She would like to go to college but obviously cannot right now. Maybe, just maybe UBT can change this trajectory for her and give Alex and her children a holiday season to remember.

We were able to make a donation to this family and hope that they have a wonderful Christmas!

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