A Brotherhood of bikers, based in Lincoln, NE USA, since 1998.
The objectives of the Roughriders are as follows:
Promote and encourage Brotherhood in the biker community.
Promote safe motorcycle riding.
Support those in need in our community.


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On May 21, during the MDA poker run, the Roughriders made a extra stop!! We presented Ethan with a check and a lot of Roughrider love and support. The ONXY foundation put on a soccer tournament and car show as a fundraiser for Ethan.   The Roughriders are honored to be a part of this great event.  Best wishes and good luck to Ethan and his family.  
On Friday, April 29th, the Roughriders presented our “Rough-Start” award to not only one, but two deserving students!!   Kylie and Luis both attend LSE High school.   In Roughrider fashion, we set this up with the help of LSE staff, yet keeping it a big secrete to everyone else.    We rolled into school with the big bikes purring and the Roughriders smiling, to show some major love and support for these two amazing young people.   Check out the “Rough-Start” page to see more pictures.
Today the Roughriders had their annual two wheel tune up . With great guidance from two of LPD Motorcycle Patrol Officers, we practiced riding drills that will improve our riding ability . We strive to be one of the safest riding groups around.  Thanks to those fine Officers,  we continue to improve on our skills.
1st Blue Run for Autism... Roughriders were very proud to be a part of the days event.  We are looking forward to next year and helping to raise even more $$$
Showing some love to one of our own.   Cancer SUCKS!!
Mark your calendars for the 2016 Roughrider Charity Event!! A great day for Lincoln bikers as we have a lot of fun riding and raising money for those in need.

If you have an interest in becoming a sponsor, please contact us. 

No, She could not be bribed or persuaded to grab my ticket!!  (I tried)

Congratulations to "Dave" who won the AR-15 in our recent charity raffle.

And a big Roughrider "THANK YOU",  to all who purchased raffle tickets and helped us to be able to help others.  We could not do this without your support.

We have several donations coming up soon, so check back soon to see how those beautiful faces light up when the Roughriders show them some love.
Helping to "Make A Wish" come true!!  You will not meet a finer group of Men than the Roughriders. You can help US help others, June 25th, at our Charity Event, Donations and Sponsors are always valued.
Another addition of.... How did the Biker get his nickname...  In this story, we start with "Minnow".  In the picture we have Doug, a shot and a minnow... Oh, and that shirt! (Yes, we are all hoping it was July 4th)

I don't think it's going to take much imagination to figure out why Doug will forever be known as MINNOW!!  Shortly after this picture, the shot and the minnow (and hopefully that shirt) would all be gone, down the hatch!  ( I chose not to add the picture of the worm... guess the minnow might have been hungry)
What is the Roughriders Charity Event?.... here's a little story about last year.
Last spring a member brought up the unimaginable idea of a small group of Bikers raising $35000 by selling raffle tickets.   The grand prize of the raffle would be a $19,000 gift certificate to Frontier Harley Davidson!  Better yet, with the proceeds we could purchase an All-Terrain Track Chair for a local disabled Veteran.   This sounded like a great idea, but a lot of work and some major financial risk involved.  If our little group moves forward with this idea and we don’t sell all the tickets, how would we pay for everything?  As with many Bikers, the Roughriders don’t sit and think about all the reasons it can’t be done, we asked why not!!??  Worst case, our wives would have to get a second (or third) job, right??!!  (HA HA)
So, all we had to do was sell 1750 tickets and find a local disabled Vet… how hard could that be?  Much harder than you think, I might add.
Well, in Roughrider fashion, we not only sold all the tickets and presented the prizes, but in the process, we were able to help facilitate All-Terrain Track Chairs to 2 other disabled Veterans and one to the Wounded Worriers program!
While our good friend Rebecka was able to take home that brand new Harley Davidson… the real winners of this raffle were the Roughriders as we were able to present this All-Terrain Track Chair to Mike and his family.
The Roughriders have raised and donated over $300,000 since 2003.  We do this through sponsorships and our annual Charity Event.

Our upcoming Charity Event is June 25th.   Please save the date and help us to help others in our community.

Sturgis anyone??  Here's an interesting story, from a couple years ago, involving our very own Maverick and Builder Bob.  Click here to read.
Yea, we crashed the Northeast Pep-Rally to share some love and support, for our Rough Start Award presentation....  Nothing like seeing the faces of a bunch of people wondering why there are a group of bikers walking into the middle of a Pep-Rally... then sharing their tears as we watched the face of that young lady.... I think she was a little nervious when we called her name.
The Roughriders are serious about being the "best they can be" in more ways than just riding.   We often have range training, with our own certified instructors.  We believe in safety and responsibility with our firearms.
Showing a young lady that the Roughriders love her and have her back.  We crashed her graduation party in, Roughrider style, to present our Rough Start Award.... Believe me, when I say, it was not only her family and friends that had tears in their eyes!
Ever wonder how a Biker gets his nickname?   I think you will find that most of them have a pretty funny story... Here's one from our very own IPOD....
It was an early spring day, so a few of us decided to take a nice ride.  Back then, I rode a 2005 Fatboy, with no radio, so I always carried my IPOD.   I’d turn it on and carry it inside my shirt pocket.  In Roughrider tradition, we stopped at Hooters to eat and maybe enjoy a drink.   As we were leaving, I turned on my IPOD, had music, and threw it inside my shirt.  By this time, the others had their bikes started and ready to go.  I yelled at them to turn them off because my music wasn't working.  I began to pull on cord to the iPod but it wasn’t connected!  I assumed it just came unhooked and was sitting inside my shirt.  Come to find out my shirt was not tucked in, so I started looking around on the ground for it. After a minute or two, I discovered where it landed!!  My Ipod had fell… just so perfect…. right onto the belt drive on my bike!!  With only about a quarter of an inch sticking out, I couldn’t get a grip on it… We talked about tipping the bike on its side, to see if it would fall out, but that didn’t sound like such a good idea.  So, eventually, I took a “zip tie” and started fishing around for it, after a while, I finally caught a corner of it and got it pulled out.  I still keep a zip tie with me on the bike, just never know, and still use an IPOD.   After that day, I will forever be known as IPOD.

What kind of training, Son?   Motorcycle training, Sir!!
Yes, we Roughriders are very serious about our riding ability.  Fortunately, our friends in the Lincoln Police Department are kind enough train with us every spring. 

So when you see that Roughrider patch in front of you, rest assured we ride responsible and as safely as possible.  Our lives, and maybe yours, depend on it.
We support many local bike groups... but, maybe, none so worthy as our friends at BACA.  Click here to check out their website and lend your support.
A special thank you to our 2015 Charity Event Sponsors! 
If you would have an interest in becoming a sponsor, please contact us!
Roughrider  "Thank you" to the Combat Vets for helping sell raffle tickets during our 2015 Charity Event.
The town of Cushing, IA welcomed the Roughriders in style!   Homemade Brats and drinks enjoyed by all.   We can't wait to visit them again this June during the Awesome Biker Nights in Sioux City, Iowa

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