A Brotherhood of bikers, based in Lincoln, NE USA, since 1998.
The objectives of the Roughriders are as follows:
Promote and encourage Brotherhood in the biker community.
Promote safe motorcycle riding.
Support those in need in our community.

Come visit the Roughriders display at the Abate Bike Show Feb 19-21

Check out our new "Get to know the Roughriders" link.
Sturgis anyone??  Here's an interesting story, from a couple years ago, involving our very own Maverick and Builder Bob.  Click here to read.
Ever wonder how a Biker gets his nickname?   I think you will find that most of them have a pretty funny story... Here's one from our very own IPOD....
It was an early spring day, so a few of us decided to take a nice ride.  Back then, I rode a 2005 Fatboy, with no radio, so I always carried my IPOD.   I’d turn it on and carry it inside my shirt pocket.  In Roughrider tradition, we stopped at Hooters to eat and maybe enjoy a drink.   As we were leaving, I turned on my IPOD, had music, and threw it inside my shirt.  By this time, the others had their bikes started and ready to go.  I yelled at them to turn them off because my music wasn't working.  I began to pull on cord to the iPod but it wasn’t connected!  I assumed it just came unhooked and was sitting inside my shirt.  Come to find out my shirt was not tucked in, so I started looking around on the ground for it. After a minute or two, I discovered where it landed!!  My Ipod had fell… just so perfect…. right onto the belt drive on my bike!!  With only about a quarter of an inch sticking out, I couldn’t get a grip on it… We talked about tipping the bike on its side, to see if it would fall out, but that didn’t sound like such a good idea.  So, eventually, I took a “zip tie” and started fishing around for it, after a while, I finally caught a corner of it and got it pulled out.  I still keep a zip tie with me on the bike, just never know, and still use an IPOD.   After that day, I will forever be known as IPOD.

What kind of training, Son?   Motorcycle training, Sir!!
Yes, we Roughriders are very serious about our riding ability.  Fortunately, our friends in the Lincoln Police Department are kind enough train with us every spring. 

So when you see that Roughrider patch in front of you, rest assured we ride responsible and as safely as possible.  Our lives, and maybe yours, depend on it.
We support many local bike groups... but, maybe, none so worthy as our friends at BACA.  Click here to check out their website and lend your support.
Mark your calendars for the 2016 Roughrider Charity Event!! A great day for Lincoln bikers as we have a lot of fun riding and raising money for those in need.

If you have an interest in becoming a sponsor, please contact us. 

Come visit our booth at the Abate bike show... it will be worth your trip!

Our new President Shotgun... a man so loved that even his shadow has his back.

Mav received a "Thank you", from the troops, for his years of outstanding leadership.
And the award goes too...... Mav - Past President.  Mr D - Roughrider of the year.  TAT2 - Roughrider riding division.  Snowflake - Fugly shirt.  Radar Love - Most miles.
A special thank you to our 2015 Charity Event Sponsors! 
If you would have an interest in becoming a sponsor, please contact us!
The Roughrider do like to have some fun....  Fugly Shirt Ride 2014
Monthly Breakfast... Brotherhood in action!
Roughrider  "Thank you" to the Combat Vets for helping sell raffle tickets during our 2015 Charity Event.
The town of Cushing, IA welcomed the Roughriders in style!   Homemade Brats and drinks enjoyed by all.   We can't wait to visit them again this June during the Awesome Biker Nights in Sioux City, Iowa

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